Since the development of transporting of goods and peoples from one place to another, transportation has developed into a vast network of connections within a country and also all around in the world.

The first form transport record was a sledge made out of branches tied together with vines. It was use to carry goods and people across long bridges and roads. Most transport in the modern times was either powered by man or
animal such as cows, horses, donkeys, dogs and etc. Transportation that was powered by this way could only travel short distances.

As countries around the world developed in trade, the need to transport people and goods over greater distances in a more efficient way was required. The need for effectiveness powered inventors to create fueled powered transports to fulfill these needs.

Constant discovery and improvements in know-how's and skills allowed transportation to be more advance expanding within a country itself and then later around the world to every place and cities.

Today, transportation within a country is made up of very distinctive fields of infrastructure, vehicle and operations. Each
network is from careful planning, and designs by engineering and professional personnel to accommodate the needs of the citizens within its’ particular country.

Now days our transportation network can consist of ground transports made up of cars, buses, trains, trams and etc, ocean transports such as ferry, ships, or boats and air transports such as the most common type, airplane.

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