Balloon Aircraft

Balloon aircraft are a sort of lighter than aircraft that hang about in the air due to their buoyancy. It travels with the movement of the wind. Balloon aircraft are distinct from airships which are
floating aircraft the propelled through the air under a controlled manner.

They are common refer to as 'hot air balloons".

A balloon aircraft is a fabric envelope filled with a gas that is much lighter than the surrounding atmosphere. Because of its lightless compare to its surrounding it is able to raise taking along a basket which is attached underneath allowing it to carry passengers or payload.

There are four main different types of balloons aircraft:

1. Hot Air Balloons – they able to float in the air by the means of heating air about the surrounding temperature. These are the most common type of balloon aircraft.
  1. Gas Balloons – these are filled with different unheated gas such as:

a. Hydrogen – is an odorless and colorless highly flammable gas that combines chemically with oxygen to form water. It is the lightest element known. Due to it highly inflammability, it is not longer use, but are still used in sport ballooning, scientific purposes such as weather balloon.

b. Helium – this is a very light, non-flammable gaseous element which is most commonly used today in balloon aircraft.

c. Ammonia – this is a colorless, highly water-soluble, strong, suffocating alkaline gas contain a combination of hydrogen and nitrogen gases. Ammonia gases are infrequently used due to its caustic qualities and limited lift.

d. Coal Gas – this is gas produce by distilling bituminous coal that is used for enlightening and heating meaning it is highly inflammable. It is made up of hydrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide gases. Coal gas was used in the early days of ballooning.
  1. Rozier Balloons – this is the most common current use type of balloon. It uses both heated and unheated lifting gases. Most long distance record breaking flights uses this type of balloon.

  2. Super Pressure Balloons – this type of balloons allows the lifting gas to be pressurized in flight. The main object of super pressure is to limit or eliminate the loss of gas from day-time heating.
Balloon aircraft during its early invention serve many purposes from transporting passengers, payloads, to military purposes of observing
opponents during the war. Up until today balloon aircrafts are only use for recreation and scientific purposes.

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